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N4 Reiki

Healing The Mind, Body & Spirit

Reiki is a gentle and natural system of energy healing. It treats the body, mind and spirit by rebalancing and unblocking the person in these areas. It helps in healing body related issues- from injury to disease- and is also preventative. It is a complementary therapy, meaning it can be used alongside most medical treatments. Reiki goes beyond the physical, understanding that a person is not just a body. It also addresses feelings, emotions and thoughts. It takes account of the past to help live more harmoniously in the present and to create a happy future. You do not have to have anything "wrong" with you to have reiki. It is a fantastic way of replenishing and rejuvenating and is the perfect way to recharge. People report all sorts of sensations and experiences during a reiki session- from seeing colours and visuals to feelings of euphoria. Others use it simply for stress as it is excellent for stress relief and relaxation. It is used for anything that is out of kilter in life- helping depression, combatting or kicking addictions, attracting healthier relationships, stagnancy , anger and sadness. For me, the aspect of reiki I enjoy the most, is that it makes people feel better about themselves and wakes them up to their true potential and power, helping them to create their best life yet... So welcome to the journey!

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