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I first started to receive reiki from Niamh a number of years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I find the sessions deeply relaxing and effective in dealing with any imbalances- it’s like getting a spring clean of the body, mind and soul! As an acupuncturist, I know many healthcare professionals, holistic and complementary practitioners and Niamh stands out as an excellent therapist. She has great insight, knowledge and energy that is transmitted through her work. If you have never tried reiki, then I highly recommend her- Niamh will put you at ease and make the experience truly fulfilling.

-M McCabe, Acupuncturist

I’ve had reiki from Niamh on several occasions and can honestly I’ve never had a session from anyone who was in the same league as Niamh- hands of God! I even managed to quit smoking.

-J Pickard, Actor

Niamh’s reiki is life changing...the deep spiritual connection and healing energy has stayed with me for 4 months now. I arrived at a very low point emotionally and energetically and the impact of the first session was so profound, I felt like I was walking on air for days afterwards...Magic hands. Thank you, Niamh- what a gift you are sharing with the world.

-R Francesca, Actor

I've had Reiki from Niamh for a number of years now, and it's always been a wonderful experience. The first time was back in 2006 and what was truly amazing was that I could actually see my purple chakra while she worked on it. It was a real awakening, and one that changed how I look at life. Since then I have always felt a wonderful shift and any blocks removed any time I go to her for Reiki. She's a kind, gentle and compassionate person, which comes through in the treatment and enhances the whole experience as you can really let go and receive the energy in her presence. I would certainly recommend her for Reiki, and I'll certainly be going back for more.                         

-J Lindfors- Musician

I had never been to a reiki session before. I had a lot of back pain, perhaps because of my wrong sitting position at the computer or studying in class. I really couldn't get up or sleep well for this reason. And then Niamh did the first reiki session. After this session my pain has never appeared again and my back hasn't hurt since. Thank you Niamh, you did a great job!

I really could feel the energy flowing in my body!

-L Tapajos- Rights Activist & Student

I have had always had a powerful healing experience during the sessions with Niamh; it helps me clear all the debris from my mind and I feel so much lighter and clearer. It never ceases to amaze me how hands on healing is so simple and effective in optimizing my sense of well-being, but most especially with Niamh. She has a wonderful warm energy and I always feel at peace instantly. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit!

-S Curran- Fashion Designer


I didn’t know what reiki was exactly, when I went to my first session. Even after my first session, I still don’t know what Niamh did, but I can describe my individual experience. In the beginning, I just felt myself sinking into deep relaxation and then about half way through, I felt really hot and I started talking a lot. For me it was sort of a massage for the mind. Events and attitudes I had held on to, were released, or at least clearer, making it easier for me to  make decisions in my current situation. I still feel the effects a month later.

-C Marcelle, Actor

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