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Booking & Prices

First session:          90 mins - £80

(An extra 30 mins free in first session.)

All other sessions:                    

                               60 mins - £80

                               90 mins - £120


Please be aware that there is a 24hr notice cancellation policy. As treatment room availability is time limited, clients are asked to please arrive punctually. Thank you for your cooperation.

- A first session is 90 mins and includes a consultation.   A first session includes a mental, emotional and physical healing, along with chakra rebalancing and cleansing the auric field.

- The following sessions are a minimum of 60mins. You can also choose 90min sessions if you prefer. They are conducted in a similar manner to the first session, with adjustments according to the specific client needs.

 -A minimum of 3 sessions is  recommended. 

-You do not have to have anything "wrong" with you to have a reiki session and most people tend to continue on with the sessions after the 3rd appointment for that feel good factor and to maintain and support the positive impact of reiki in their life. Reiki is a potent energy and tends to usher in changes in life where necessary. The after effects of reiki can be where the impact is most seen, opening new doors of opportunity and moving the person on from any old scenarios or unhealthy patterns, stuck energies or unhappy circumstances. The sessions reinforce and support this growth and are empowering.

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